0844 numbers

What are 0844 numbers?

OFCOM classifies 0844 numbers as special services basic rate : up to and including 5 pence without a specific geographic location. They start off with a prefix of 0844. The advantage of having an 0844 numbers is that a potential customer will not know exactly where you are located. You could even be in India and your customers would not know :) It is also provides you with an opportunity to earn revenue from every call you receive.

How long does it to take for a 0844 numbers to be set up?

0844 Numbers are can be set up within 1 business day of us receiving a confirmed order.

Background of 0844 numbers

In 2009 OFCOM decided to regulate 0870 numbers. Often in the past calls to 0870 numbers were considerably more expensive that calls to 01 or 02 numbers. Many companies used 0870 numbers as way to pass some of the costs back to the consumer without them really knowing.

Due to the large number of complaints they decided to implement a new range 0844 and 0871. The maximum call charge to an 0844 number would be 5 pence per minute and to a 0871 number that would be 10 pence per minute.

There are a number of price ranges for the 0844 numbers. These start from 1pence per minute all the way to 5 pence per minute. A number of cheap international calls telephone providers use this method to route a call internationally. For example it may cost the telecom company 2 pence to route a cheap calls to India, and by having a 5 pence per minute tariff on a 0844 number they will be able to make money when people using their service.

Please email us if you are interested in pointing 0844 numbers to an international phone number.

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2 comments on “0844 numbers
  1. Zahid says:

    Plz tell me if u got any landline access number which i can use frm my number.
    and i m looking for O2 & T-mobile access numbers as well. Thnx

  2. Zahid says:

    Plz confirm me how much it will cost me (per minute)if i go with 0844 number

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