Cheap calls to Pakistan

Free calls to Pakistan and Cheap Calls to Pakistan on UK Mobiles is now possible using your inclusive cross network minutes. As of 16 February 2011 we  have the best news for our Pakistan customers.

On the right hand side of this page you can see the Sign Up for free access number. Just fill in your email address and add your UK mobile number to find out how to get your personal free calling access number.

These numbers will not be published on any website. Beware of using other peoples numbers to call Pakistan. They are likely to be banned by mobile companies as that number will be flagged by the mobile network due to exessive call usage. The best way is to get your own personal access number so only you will be able to make the call from your mobile phone.

The new access number is the only number that is counted as inclusive any network minutes on any UK  mobile contract.

The easiest way is for you to check that it is free to call Pakistan is to  make a 1 minute call using your new access number. Then call the mobile company and ask Customer Services if you have had any chargeable calls. You will see that your inclusive cross network minutes are reduced.

ALL YOU NEED TO DO IS TO JOIN OUR EMAIL NEWSLETTER – LOOK AT THE RIGHT HAND SIDE OF THIS POST. Read the comments below this post. In fact post your own comments and see it published. There are hundreds of people enjoying free calls to pakistan once again thanks to this website.

We will send you an email with details on how to get your free call to pakistan mobile access number. Each person will get a unique access number.


There should new number for o2 mobiles in the next few weeks so we recommend that you sign up to our newsletter so we can update you.

Want to make free international calls using your inclusive mobile minutes ?

There are only 1000 unique access numbers available.Tell your friends and be quick :) No need to make cheap calls to pakistan, you can now make free calls using call pakistan access numbers !!

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29 comments on “Cheap calls to Pakistan
  1. Shoukat Ali Abbasi says:

    please call me

  2. Shahbaz Aslam says:

    plz send any accesss numer to call freeee pakistan i am waiting ur respons

  3. Nadeem says:

    plz send the number to call pakistan.

  4. admin says:

    Nadeem – sent you an email

  5. Shahbaz Aslam says:

    i havenot recive free acess no plz sen me how to use accesss no

  6. admin says:

    Shahbaz Please reply to your email

  7. Qadees says:

    Can u pls send me the access number??

  8. imran says:

    hello dear

    i wanna make calls to pakistan mobile from my mobile in uk how i can use.tell me the full method asap waiting…………

  9. Syed Iqbal says:

    plz send any accesss numer to call freeee pakistan i am waiting ur respons

  10. afzaal dar says:

    i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you pakistan dont worry a jae gi friends free calss may god bless you afzaal portugal but really pakistan

  11. Ghani says:

    hey plz send any accesss numer to call freeee pakistan i am waiting ur respons

  12. faisal says:
    can u plz send me o2 access number to call pakistan

  13. SAFDAR says:

    Couls you please send me an access number to call pakistan for free from my o2 monthly contract phone. Your response to this message would be appreciated. Thanks

  14. adnan says:

    is there any access number to call pakistan using inclusive minutes ,,i hv got O2 pay monthly contract..plz reply asap…thanx

  15. muhammad says:

    hi I have got free mins for tmobile and o2 can i use my minutes for Pakistan

  16. sajid says:

    Please send me the number to call Pakistan. Is there any number to call UAE.

  17. Jalees says:

    Dear Admin,

    Can you please mail me my Access number.


  18. Zahid says:

    I hav unlimited landline minutes on my contract. Is there any chance that i can get ‘Landline access number’ so i can use more minutes to abroad.

  19. Hasan says:

    Could you pleae give me the access number for o2 free minutes to call PAKISTAN. Also it would be great if I can have access number for my landline phone.

  20. waheed says:

    HI, please mail me the detail about ur free pakage to pakistan, how can i get to make free call to pak from pay as you go sim ,can i get free call to pak reoung the week and roung the clock, not on a spacific time ? if i want to make a call one special number to pak ? what will i do ?if all questions Answer is yes , then how much top up will required to make free call to pakistan, really this is unlimited call or limited call,if limited , how much minutes can i be able to talk pakistan on a specific number , i have recently no sim , but i want to know first in detail , if i feel positive reply , i will take the sim on my mobil, waiting for your positive responce, wish u good luck ,

  21. ijaz says:

    please give me free access number to pakistan for o2 mobile cross network minutes or landline minutes

  22. Amir says:

    Can you please send me a access code to call pakistan for free as I do have a UK o2 mobile contract.

  23. raja faisal habib says:

    thank you very very very much for your access number to call pakistan…..again thanks alot for free access number…..hehehe….its really works…thank you very much….

  24. zahra says:

    can i possibly use the access number im with 3g. if so please provide cheers mate x

  25. sam says:

    Can you please send me a access code to call pakistan for free as I have a UK Virgin mobile contract

  26. touheed says:

    dear can i have any access no to call pakistan i got voda and 3mobile contract.

  27. HK says:

    i have emailed you twice .. could you please send me an access number to call pakistan.. thankyou very much in advance

  28. ahsere says:

    The free number you
    gave to me was not working tonight,

  29. Ijaz says:

    Please can you forward me the access number


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