Cheap calls to Sri Lanka

From a BT Landline

Call Sri Lanka Landline – 8 pence per minute
Dial 0871 552 7553

Call Sri Lanka Mobile – 10 pence per minute
Dial 0872 003 1669

After 3 years of having to pay to make international calls you can once again make free calls to sri lanka from UK on mobiles. Save money on cheap calls to sri lanka by making free call to srilanka.

Enter your details ON THE RIGHT HAND SIDE to get the access number to make international calls to Sri Lanka

To make a call, all you need to do is to dial the access number and then enter in your full international number. You will need to get the daily password in order to have access to the system.

Once you are happy that it is really free and you are not CHARGED any extra to call SRI LANKA from your mobile please email a link to this website to all your friends and family so they too can save money when making cheap calls to Sri Lanka. Please also feel free to email us and thank us for providing this free service :)

Make free calls to sri lanka land line from uk using your inclusive minutes

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34 comments on “Cheap calls to Sri Lanka
  1. marronesa says:

    i would like to make free call to srilanka mobile number

  2. dil says:

    i would like to take free calls to srilanka

  3. James says:

    Brilliant news – calls to sri lanka cost 10P to 20P normally. and free is great.

  4. tharmee says:

    i would like to take free calls to srilanka

  5. Priyantha says:

    I would like to call to sri lanka

  6. admin says:

    Hi Priya

    Have sent you the details, enjoy

  7. Rafi says:

    pls send me details

  8. S Aliyar says:

    hi, please send me number

  9. farhan says:

    how can i take free call to srilanka from qatar???

  10. Farha says:

    Any free calls avilable from O2 to Srilanka. I am monthly pay O2 customer. Thank you very much.

  11. Tharani says:


    Please mail how do i make free calls to srilanka on o2 mobile.

    Many Thanks

  12. sabesan says:

    hi i need the details of this msg plz i m waitng for the details.

  13. zacky says:

    please send me the number

  14. GSIVARAJA says:


  15. Lasantha says:

    Could you please send me the number to make calls to Sri Lanka. Thanks

  16. tia says:

    thats a great news..would be nice to make free calls to sri lanka

  17. Lasantha says:

    could you send me the access number to call srilanka please. Thank you

  18. thinesh says:

    I would like to make a call to srilanka

  19. RIYAS says:

    hi please
    how can i take free call to srilanka from uk ???

  20. admin says:

    Its simple, just email access numbers @ gmail .co m with you UK mobile number and we will assign you an personal access number. And then you dial the access number before calling sri lanka

  21. rinkal says:

    Hi can u please e mail me the number to call to srilanka?

  22. admin says:

    Hi Rinkal, have emailed you details. Please come back to this free calls to sri lanka blog and comment on here.

  23. alex says:

    o2 free access number pleas

  24. tanha says:

    hi can u please email me too.. i wish to have free calls to sri lanka
    email at

  25. tanha says:

    t mobile access number please if there is one

  26. rooban says:

    can you send me the three mobile access no to call srilanka?

  27. Thush says:

    free access number to Sri Lanka please

  28. pramith says:

    good free access number to Sri Lanka please

  29. Kavinda says:

    Hi, I’m using o2 network. I would like to call srilanka. I got 1200 mins. my phone number is 07834364570

  30. Kugalojan says:

    I could noy belive that this service was for real! I was just gobsmakced when i tried this out. Its like im calling someone here in uk, brilliant quality. Such a great service!

    I hope you guys will continue with this service, thank you!

  31. dannie says:

    hi , pls send me d number 2 call srilanka 4 free plzzz

  32. Nilan says:


    Mama Me service eka try kala. Ela meka wada karanawa. Mage Contract eka Orange Network ekath ekka. Eke FREE MINUTES use karala dan lankawata ganna puluwan. Habai MON TO FRIDAY 8AM TILL 6PM witarai.

    Try karala Balanna.


  33. Tharaka says:

    Machang, meka sira seena ekak. Mamath den 7 months idala Lankawata call karanawa. Aulak eththema ne. Nithara bill eka check karanna thamai oone. Ape set ekata me gena update karanna.


  34. Gobi says:

    naan srilankavukku call pannurathukku orange FREE minutes ai use panni intha service uudaaka melathika entha charge um illamal free yaaka anytime call pannuran.


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