Orange International Calls

If you are looking to save money on orange international calls then you have come to the best place. For only £10 per month you can make unlimited calls to India and 39 other countries. If you ever need to make an international call from your mobile make sure you check this website first, otherwise you will throwing money away to orange and you dont want to be doing that.

Let me tell you a secret. All the mobile companies make big money. And they make it from you. The Orange Magic Numbers is a marketing gimmick. It is actually free for orange to route your calls to another orange mobile, so why do they only give you 1 magic number every 6 months? Why not say that any call to any orange is totally free. Simples like the meerkats say – They like to make money. Sure everyone wants to make money, I want to make money but I will give you a good deal and here it is.

For £10 per month you can make calls to India, USA Australia Canada and a long list of other countries. Unlike the o2 international favourites there is no limit. You can phone anyone in any country. So once again, we can show you that even o2 are not much better than Orange. Granted the o2 international offer is a good one, but when compared to our unlimited international calls for £10 per month, it blows all the competition away.

If you are a frequent caller to the following countries then you will be better off opting for the Unlimited International Calls for £10 per month.

You can forget about the Orange Call Abroad SIM. That is a waste of money – That is another marketing gimmick. Enjoy unlimited calls on Orange and spread the word about where you can make really cheap international calls.

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43 comments on “Orange International Calls
  1. V iCkY says:

    Pls …Add me…..

  2. admin says:

    Vicky – Have emailed you, as soon as you reply we will text you the access number

  3. Ram says:

    pls send me the access number. Thanks,

  4. syed says:

    hii how can i call direct to india from my o2 minutes?

  5. admin says:

    Syed – Emailed you again :)

  6. Rash says:

    Hi, please email me the number

  7. alam says:

    plz add me i want to call india for free i hv orange contract

  8. Vij says:

    can you email me the access number please.

  9. tunde says:

    pls i make a free call from the UK to the United states and Nigeria. what is the acess number. I have a pay monthly o2 contract. Thanks

  10. admin says:

    Tunde – Have emailed you

    For everyone – join the email newsletter and we will send you the access numbers

  11. Vij says:

    i have emailed you my mob num but havnt got access number yet

  12. Dennis says:

    can i have access number to the phillipines please.

    thank you very much

  13. vij says:

    this service is free and quality of call is brilliant

  14. admin says:

    Thanks VJ, appreciate your comment and time taken to post on here. Please spread the word so people can save money when making international calls.

  15. Xulfi says:

    Plz if u can send me free o2 access number.

  16. Zahid says:

    Hello !! I m with orange & i m requesting if u can send me free access no to Pakistan. with thnx.

  17. sam says:

    please can i have the o2 free access number for pakistan
    Many thanks,

  18. shah says:

    Plz email me the o2 number for pakistan Thanks :-)

  19. vj says:

    please send me o2 mobile access number for calling india.thank you very much.

  20. din says:

    please can i have orange access number to call india,thank you.

  21. ash says:

    hi please can i have o2 access number to call india,thank you.

  22. hars says:

    please mail me the axis number for o2 to call india… thank you

  23. Jasd says:

    Hi please send me o2 number to call India free

  24. Matt says:

    Please can you send me the details?



  25. seth says:

    Hi can you add me and pass the access number ?

  26. micky says:

    Hi can you add me and pass the access number ?

  27. admin says:


    Sent you an email re access number

  28. S ALI says:

    hi can you send me the access number please i have o2 contract thanks

  29. Claire says:

    Hi i need the access number for Australia pls.
    Im with orange.

  30. Chee says:

    Hi am on O2, could you please add me and send me an access code for the Philippines. Thanks

  31. AShraful says:

    hi admin, can u plz send me the access number? I use o2 pay monthly package and live in london…thanks..

  32. Kavinda says:

    Hi, I need the access number for call to japan
    I have orange contract

  33. tariq says:

    Plz send me the access no to call Pakistan. This is my no

  34. Maneesh says:

    please mail me the o2 no to call india which i can use as magic no. thanks.

  35. Sinu says:

    Just joined …Plz can you send the access number to call India for free from a Pay MOnthly plan ?

  36. admin says:

    Sinu , have emailed you re international calls

  37. Jamil says:

    Greetings Admin,

    Would be great to get my access number.

    Many thanks to you!

  38. bob says:

    can u plz mail me the aces no to call india and gulf countries

  39. zahid says:

    thank you so much. it works fine and voice quality is perfect
    thaanks again…………:)

  40. Syed says:

    Can you give me a magic number for free international calls

  41. Yuri says:

    Can you give me a magic number for free international calls or a number to call Russia from my inclusive minutes?


  42. Simon says:

    Hi can you add me and pass the access number ?

  43. Simon says:

    It is me again, a little bit confused.
    I would like number to call Poland. Thx

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