Free International Calls from Mobile

For the last few months there haven’t been any access numbers to make free international calls from mobile. There is finally some good news for mobile phone users. This personal access number will only work for Pay Monthly Mobile Phone customers. Yes free calls to india is back!

To get an access number to make free international calls either join the email newsletter or email access numbers @ gmail (dot) com

If you have Pay as you go, and want to use an access number to make free international calls from your mobile you had better go get a pay monthly mobile phone. There are some great mobile deals at email us to get advice on what mobile to buy
Having a pay monthly mobile phone is cheaper than using a pay as you go phone and buying a cheap calling card and then finding out that there are less minutes than what you thought was supposed to be on it. In the long run you will save money if you purchase a pay monthly mobile phone.There are many great Mobile Phone deals on the net. The cheapest deal is 1.99 per month using the clearance deal option.

If you are good at keeping track then you can realy get a bargain when getting a contract phone. Gone are they days of paying £20 per month for a 600 mins contract – you can get a contract for less than £2 per month. There deals are from Carphone Warehouse so you can rest assured of you money back

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3 comments on “Free International Calls from Mobile
  1. Ramki says:

    Hi, Is there a way to make free international calls from O2 please? I am particularly interested in calling UAE.. I also have a landline with inclusive 0870 numbers… Thanks for your help…

  2. Shahzad says:

    Hello !!
    I m shahzad and i m with O2. plz give me access no for O2. Thnx

  3. Asif says:

    Hello ! I m very thank ful to u if u can give any access number for Pakistan.. I m with T-mobile…..

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  1. [...] You may be thinking how is this possible? Well given the advances in technology and the power of the internet it is now possible for telecom companies to route telephone calls over the internet. Just like Magicjack we are able to route calls over the internet. The next question you may be thinking is what is in it for you. Well you need to recommend our services to your friends and family by email and facebook. That is the only condition of using this service. We sell sim only mobile contracts that enable us to provide low cost international calls. Please email us if interested in getting a sim only deal to make free international calls from mobile. [...]

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