Cheap International Calls to India

To make cheap international calls to india is really simple. Just send a text message TXT2TALK to 80556 and you will get an 0208 access number. The text message will cost £5 and this will give you the 0208 access number to make cheap calls to india for 1.5 pence per minute. There will no additional charges.

When you send the text message your mobile phone will be charged £5 and from that £5 the 1.5 pence per minute figure will be deducted. So for £5 you will get 333 minutes of talktime. That is nearly 6 hours!! There will be a 1.5 pence connection charge each time you dial the 0208 access number, and this charge is taken off from the £5 amount you have already paid. To read more about cheap international calls from uk and free calls email us

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