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With over 100 different spoken languages in London, the United Kingdom has to be one of the most diverse of places worldwide. Many people call London their home and yet they have close family abroad and stay in touch by phone and now via the internet. Have you ever wondered how to make cheap phone calls to south africa?

Did you know you can now make FREE International calls to South Africa from London? If not read on…

Gone are the days of having to pay British Telecom prices when calling home. For example making one 10 minute cheap calls to South Africa from a BT landline during the day time will cost you £5.90. What a rip off, and it will cost you £5.21 for a 10 minute call at the weekend. Check out BT prices here and cry

Now most people these days never use British Telecom to make international calls. The cheaper way is to use a calling card. Calls to Nigeria will cost 6 pence per minute when using a calling card.

If you have an pay monthly mobile contract phone with cross network minutes you can call South Africa for absolutely nothing. All you need is an access number, and away you go. When you check your bill you will see that the minutes used will come from the inclusive cross network minutes! Enjoy this free calling to South Africa Nigeria Kenya and Zimbabwe. There are more that 100 countries of this free calling list so next time you meet a friend share this good news with them too.

You may be cynical and thinking ….yeah right…as if I can really call South Africa for free. Well if you don’t try you will never know. What have you got to lose. Well actually nothing, call you need to do is to email access numbers @ gmail .com with your UK mobile number stating which mobile network you have and get your personal access number to make free international calls on mobiles. And when you get your personal access number just make a 1 minute test call and check your bill. You will be smiling!

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