Free calls to South Africa or Cheap calls to South Africa

Free calls to South AfricaEver wondered how to make free international calls ? Have you ever thought why it costs so much to call South Africa? South Africa will be hosting the Football World Cup in less than 2 months and yet it will cost you the earth to make a call to your friends and family who may be out there.

Often when I travel I pick up a local Sim card from the country I am in, and when I go to South Africa I will be picking one up at the local telephone store. A local pay as you go Sim card will cost you a couple of pounds and if you have an unlocked mobile phone you can quite easily swap out your UK Sim card for the newly acquired one.

Once you have the local Sim card installed your friends and family in the UK can call you for FREE. Yes when I say free it means free. It will cost you nothing. It will cost them nothing. As long as they have an pay monthly mobile with cross network inclusive minutes they will be able to call you as part of the inclusive minutes. So when they eventually get round to checking their mobile bill they will see that the call was in fact free! So how is it is possible to make free calls to South Africa? Let alone call South Africa mobiles free you ask?

Email accessnumbers@ with your UK mobile number stating which mobile network you are on and you will get an access number. What is an access number? Well it is a number that is use to make international calls as part of your inclusive minutes. This number provided to you will be unique and allocated to you. You will be able to dial that number and see that the calls made to it will be included in your free inclusive minutes on your mobile contract. Once you dial the access number you will hear a message “Enter international destination”. At that point you enter in the full international number that you wish to call. Don’t not press Dial again or any other buttons. Just wait for the call to connect and start telling your friends how to make free international calls.

If you have enjoyed reading this post and have friends heading over to the world cup in south Africa send them this post so they too can get their friends and family to save a bundle of money. This is probably the only free offer you are going to see at the world cup. Rest assured the world cup football ticket prices will be exorbitant high as well as the hotel and travel packages. Lets hope England can bring the world cup from South Africa with Steven Gerrard lifting the trophy on July 11 2010. Alas England crashed out….

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