How to make free international calls

If you live in the UK you can now make free international calls direct from your mobile. There is no need for calling cards or access numbers. You dial direct and your inclusive minutes will reduce. There are no hidden charges.

To find out more go to

To make an international call you dial the international destination like normal. Just dial 0092 or 0094 etc from your mobile and the call will connect to your destination. And the inclusive minutes will reduce.

There are many ways to make cheap international calls but there is only one way to make free international calls. Usually this involves going on the internet and trying to find a VOIP provider that gives you a few free minutes per day. Such services range from VOIP stunt to VOIP buster, but it is a real hassle having to trawl through the internet to find such websites. If you are looking to make free international calls to india from uk then this is the place to be!

I realise that many people may find this is hard to believe but this is true. You can read the comments on this blog from people who are using the service. If you have any questions feel free to comment on here. This is how to get free minutes to india from uk :) Enjoy and share this with your friends

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110 comments on “How to make free international calls
  1. Amir says:

    Hi, I am already using this service but I have a feeling that you people are deducting more minutes say double for making international calls using your this free access number service. Is it right or its just the way I feel? One more thing, can my friends use the same access number on their monthly contract?

  2. I J says:

    HEY man

    this rocks!
    connection is so clear, and just checked my bill! £0.00!!!!!

    thanx alot!

    wow there are good people out there

  3. sarb says:

    hi i am with virgin mobiles have you got access number for virgin plz

  4. admin says:


    Why dont you get a sim only deal from us? You can then use all the minutes to call India Pakistan and 145 other countries for no extra cost

    £15 – gives 300 minutes
    £20 – 600 minutes
    £30 – 1200 minutes

    These are 1 month contracts – you have 30 days notice to cancel anytime if you dont need it. It is a great offer

    See here for info or email accessnumbers if you have any questions

  5. Sarfraz says:


    Thanks admin for the excellent service. It works well for me as I haven’t been charged extra.


  6. Sarfraz says:


    Would have same service for calling Dubai?


  7. Laura says:


    Thanks We tried it out then checked the bill and it is true what was said you do not have extra costs. The access number was sent in a matter of minutes.

    THANKS Laura

  8. waqas says:

    hey great service working

  9. mabel says:


  10. tariz says:

    please send me access number for USA

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