How do we make money to provide free international calls

That is a question we have been getting asked so let me share the answer with you.

This service is only possible if people are buying contracts using our adverts on this website.

These are our 2 best offers. We are working with Carphone Warehouse in the sale of contract phones.

Email accessnumbers NOW if you want to discuss buying a phone and we can advice on the best deal

1 – Sim only deals 1 month contract – 30 days notice to cancel the contract at anytime. This is my opinion is a great offer. You get to make free international calls using this contract with the option of cancelling the 1 month contract with 30 days notice. If you havent noticed the rectangular box on the top right hand corner you must be colour blind :) This link takes you the to carphone warehouse shop where if you pay £20 per month for a 600 mins any network sim card you can call India for absolutely no extra that than the £20 you actually pay for. There are no hidden charges, no extras, no frills. Just pay the £20 per month and you can talk to iran for free using your inclusive minutes. A more cost effective deal is getting the £30 one for 1200 minutes. The choice is yours!

There are many T Mobile O2 Vodafone Deals to choose so email us at whatisthenumber and we discuss the best options for your talking needs :)

2 – Cashback deals – £1 per month deal from Carphone Warehouse. I have purchased a mobile phone from Carphone Warehouse and will be scanning and posting the picture of the cheque I get from Carphone Warehouse. Many of you are rightly concerned about cash back deals. However this is Carphone Warehouse and I am absolutely certain they will pay me back!! If not they will have my verbal bashing and wrath on this website!!!!!! Believe me they will pay me back :) if thats the last thing I blog.

We advice you strongly to email us at accessnumbers before buying a mobile phone so we can advice you on the best deal!!

If you would like to continue to enjoying free international calls please kindly start forwarding details of free international calls to all your friends and family by email and facebook. Start talking to them and sharing how you make free calls to india, iran, pakistan and 147 countries. The more people that use the service the more customers will buy contracts using our links and so the world will be a much happier place. Save money on cheap international calls and make it free using your inclusive minutes :)

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