Hotdial International Calls

This is the new way to make free international calls. You will receive 20 access numbers for each of the people that you wish to call abroad and you can save them on your phone book just like a contact. When you call them you no longer have to dial the access number and then the international number. All you need to do is so scroll down your phone list and click on their name and contact them direct. The phone will ring automatically within 10-15 seconds. Be patient. As with the access numbers this is also free.

Have you ever thought how cool it would be to save a number on your UK mobile phone and then simply scroll down the contacts or if you have a cool phone – call out your girl friends name – and it will connect to her and you can make really cheap calls to america- infact its free :) and you can call the otherĀ  countries free too

There’s no need to worry about international calling cards and accesss numbers when calling abroad from the UK with Hotdial International.

Calling abroad from the UK couldn’t be simpler. Once you have emailed us, you will be able contact your friends and family by simply dialling your hotidal international number

If you need to contact loads of people just email us each time with our hotdial international reference number along with full international destination number, and we will set it up within 2 hours or sooner.

We don’t charge for our numbers so you can setup as many contacts as you want. Just make sure you use them. That’s all we ask :)

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7 comments on “Hotdial International Calls
  1. jaan ali says:

    this is v nice nd completly free service…i really apriciate dese ppl dat dey start dis kind of access numbers….fanx

  2. ratul says:

    this wonderful service without pay………….thnx people behind for conecting us to country in the most amazing way……..

  3. Jabir says:

    Good quality of voice and it is free (I checked my account)
    Thanks man you have done great job for us


  4. sam says:

    hi im still waiting for my hotdial number i dont know wether you have got my email or not

  5. sam says:

    hi still didnt get hotdail number……

  6. sam says:

    Hi thanks for the quick response got numbers now realy apriciated

  7. Ijaz says:

    I have requested the Hotline numer but did not get ang response back.

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