How to Make Cheap International Phone Calls

Making cheap international phone calls is now easier. All you need to do is to get an access number and then dial the international number. Gone are the days of having to go out and buy an international calling card. You can now just dial an access number and then make the international call. In previous years it may have cost the earth to make a phone call back home to india. Many people would have spend hundreds of pounds each year but with the leaps in technologies such as VOIP you are now able to make international phone calls for a fraction of the cost. In some cases you can even make cheap or free international calls from mobile.

There are companies such as Rebtel and Skype which offer great deals. Rebtel is slightly complicated to understand but many people find it a great benefit in calling overseas. Skype is well known throughout the world. Using VOIP they have really managed to cut down the cost of a video call. In fact you can make a free PC to PC video call at the touch of a button. Families living apart, thousands of miles across the world use Skype on a daily basis to see each other.

With advances in technology it is now possible to make cheap international calls from mobile by dialing an access number before the international number.

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