Cheap International Calls from Mobile

Is is really possible to make cheap international calls from mobile ? If you called direct from your mobile you would be for a nasty surprice. However there is a new service from o2 that provides 3000 mins of calls to India for an extra £10 per month. This is a fantasitc offer especially if you have only 3 people that you wish to call back home. Talking to 50 hours per month is great value for a tenner. You can read more about o2 international favourites here.

Many of you have been asking about cheap international calls from mobile in UK and how to make cheap calls to australia. Over the years there have been 07744 07755 07978 07822 numbers that have enabled people to make international calls using inclusive minutes .However due to the big mobile networks such as o2 and  T Mobile wanting to make you pay they have banned such numbers.

It is interesting to see that o2 trailled their o2 international friends and family and then stopped it as it was too popular. T Mobile also offer a Business package where you can call Europe and North America for an additional bolt on. This proves there is a great demand for international calling from mobiles, however the big mobile network operators are unwilling to serve their customer’s needs. Why is that? Are they afraid that people wont talk? On the contrary, if for example o2 started their o2 international friends and family deal back again many customers would switch over to o2. Seems like its a win win situation to me. o2 starts up their cheap international calls from mobile bolt on and o2 will attract customers from the other mobile network.

Perhaps due the popularity of o2 international friends and family o2 did in fact get an upsurge in sales and is it possible that the other mobile operators complained? mmm I wonder if not to upset the telecom apple cart did o2 pulled the plug on the free international calls from mobile deal.

So much does it cost o2 to route free calls to India?Termination rate to India would be less than 1 pence per minute. And based on that it is very easy for o2 to make a profit on calls to india. That comes back to the question as to why did o2 stop international calls from mobile. I am not sure, perhaps o2 international friends and family will come back but in the mean time you can stay glued to this website and get the latest news on how to make free international calls.

If you want an 02 access number for o2 international calls using inclusive minutes this is the place to be.

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