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In the UK there are several major mobile phone networks. These include vodafone,o2 Three or 3 T mobile. There are also minor players such as Tesco and Virgin Mobile. Along with these larger well known ones there are much smaller networks. These include Lebara and Lycatel. These last two networks cater for the cheap international calling market. Lebara and Lycatel offer pay as you go sim only deal. You can now get a free sim from them by searching on google. But you will be paying a good rate for cheap international calls

After getting you phone you need to insert your new sim card into the mobile. You may need to charge you battery. There is also a 15 digit number usually located under the battery on the back of the phone. This is called the IMEI number. If you ever lose your phone or it is stolen you will need to give this number to the police to file a report. It is also recommended that you get your phone security marked.

If you were to take the phone abroad, will it work? That depends on the mobile network you are with. There are two major frequencies used. They 900 MHz and 1800 MHz. There are also tri-band mobiles which will also work at 1900 MHz. And finally a fourth option called quad-band which will also work at 850MHz.

If you are bringing you phone from abroad you may need to get your mobile unlocked so it will accept the sim in the UK.

In terms of the cost you can usually get a free pay as you go sim. These are sold bundled with £10 of calls so you will have to pay £10 to get the sim. If you need a phone long with it then prices start from £60 for the cheapest option.

For a pay monthly mobile costs start at £15 per month. These are longer term contracts in range of 18 months and 24 months. You can get the latest mobiles at the time of purchase. Don’t be fooled in to taking insurance with the phone, unless you are prone to dropping the mobile down the loo.

There are many handsets to choose from. Nokia, Samsung and Apple offer the best functionally. When choosing a tariff you will need to evaluate how you talk. Whether you talk during the daytime, evenings or weekends. It is best advised to speak to a sales rep before finalising on a plan. You are also given the option of using SMS messaging which is a great and cheap way way to stay in touch.

If you are looking to make international calls from UK then you are in luck. If you have a pay monthly mobile you can make free international calls using inclusive your minutes. All you need to do is to get an access number from us and then use that number before you make that international call. There will no charges. All you will see on your pay monthly bill are the any network minutes reduced from your monthly call allowance. The best way to check is to make a 5 minute call using the access number given and then check your online bill. You will clearly see that cost is 0.00 and the number listed on the bill will be a uk mobile number.

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