Access Numbers for International calls

Call abroad using access numbers. You now make international calls by dialing an access number that uses your inclusive minutes on your mobile phone. You can call abroad now without having to pay any monthly fee to talk talk or one tel. No more vonage or just dial. No more international calling cards. No more telediscount access numbers. Sign up to get your access numbers for international calls now start calling abroad using inclusive minutes

Making a call abroad is simple. Just dial the access number and enter the full international number followed by the # button. Do not press dial again other you will be dialing direct and you will get a nice fat expensive bill from t mobile o2 vodafone. It is highly recommended that you make a short 10 minute test call and then check you online bill to ensure you are not being charged. We do not want customers whinging at us saying they have a 50 pound bill simply because they could not stop talking. It is your responsibility at all times to ensure that the calls are included as part of your minutes. It really is simple, All you got to do is to make a test call and check your bill. Is it really that difficult. For some you it might be, well it will be an expensive lesson if you dont check your own bill. There are 1000′s of customers enjoying international calls using inclusive minutes and making free low cost international calls so why not join in the fun and email us now to get full details.

The least you can do when you realise it really free is to email all your friends a link to this website and secondly write a comment on this blog thanking us for this service. This is the only website on the internet that is really offering access numbers for international calls. There are no hidden charges. If you want to get another contract then you will need to read this article on number porting to keep your existing mobile number.

Finally when you see its really free make sure you buy a sim only contract from us. That is how we make money to give you international calling numbers. If no one buys a sim from us then this service will be discontinued. This is business not Christmas. Like they all say there is no free lunch. For existing customers you have enjoyed a free lunch and will continue to do so, but for new customers unless you have been recommended by friends you will have to actively promote this service so as to get your own free lunch :)

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2 comments on “Access Numbers for International calls
  1. K J Malik says:

    Very efficient service and there are hidden or extra charges. They respond to emails promptly. I can highly recommened this free calling service to pakistan

  2. zulekha says:

    excellent service for o2 mobile contracts…..i would recommened the this free calling service to call pakistan…. thank you very much…

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  1. [...] The best way to call pakistan is to join a monthly plan that offer international calls using inclusive minutes. The sign up process is very simple. And you can get your number in a couple of hours and start talking. There is no need to worry about topping up, no need to stress about large bills and more importantly no need to worry if you have enough talk time remaining. It is easy to keep up to date with family and friends using your mobile minutes make use access numbers for international calls [...]

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