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Strange that o2 stopped their o2 international friends and family service and started a pay as you go o2 international sim service. How bizarre. It is however not a bad little deal. If you want to make O2 international calls and you are from Pakistan you can call Lahore from your pay as you go sim deal. If you top up by £15 a month you can call Pakistan for 100 minutes.

Register below to get details on the Unlimited International Calls for £10 per month

Well you could get a £15 sim only contract from us and make 300 minutes of calls to Pakistan or

An even greater value deal would be to get a £30 sim only contract deal from us and get a whopping 1200 minutes to call Pakistan.  Thats right for £30 per month you can get a sim only contract from us and then use the cross network minutes to call Pakistan. No extra charges :) How does that should? Well if you like the sound of this deal then email accessnumbers @gmail.com to find out more :) EMAIL Current Mobile number and state what mobile network eg o2 T mobile etc  keep this quiet from o2 or they will go mad :) lol The beauty of these sim only contracts is you can cancel with 30 days notice at any time. So it much better value than the o2 international sim offer.

So that come to the question why do mobile networks in the UK exclude certain mobile numbers from their inclusive minutes. In Australia you can make international calls using your mobile minutes. The service down under has been operating for over a year. Even 3 Mobile Australia counts the access numbers are part of the minutes in their cap plan or inclusive minutes. But when it comes to the UK 3 Mobile is the sharpest knife in the drawer to cut out international calls.  However like o2 they have a pay as you go international calls offer. Pakistan Mobiles is 8 pence per minute. I am sure their price will increase in the next month as the Pakistan government imposed a new 17.5 % tax on international calls on the 1st of July.

Even in South Africa you can make international calls using your inclusive minutes. It is amazing that the UK  has backward mobile networks who simply want you to pay more money when calling home, when if you lived in South Africa or Australia you can actually call international for nothing exta. No little bolt ons from o2, not top ups from 3 mobile, no need to get an international sim card from vodafone, just simply dial the access number and you can call abroad using your inclusive minutes.

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16 comments on “O2 International Sim
  1. Stacey says:

    This is fantastic. I got a sim only contract from these guys and I can make free calls to pakistan. I would recommend getting a contract from them if you make a lot of calls to pakistan, Well worth the money and the call quality is great considering it is free. Sometimes in evenings it is difficult to hear but in the mornings when I call before work it is prefect. They even set you with a direct dial number if you call a number often in pakistan, which has saved me so much time and hassle without having to type the o2 access number each time. I have saved it in my phonebook and can call anytime anywhere.

  2. shiva says:

    hi guys hw u duin hope al wel. im really happy to share wth u guys my experiance…………im hvin O2 contract n im havin a o2 access number for tht yeeeeeeeeeeee i can make calls now happi wth it……..

    cheeers n u guys rock tcare

  3. anu says:

    gr8 help..gr 8..thk o2 ..and thkx to this service for making our life easy….really happy…….

  4. Faisal says:

    Hi i got an o2 simplicity from these guys and you know what its amazing. Call to pakistan is costing me nothing its just free. So its better if you are buying a sim only deal on o2 buy from these guys they are brilliant. Now o2 rocks n so as these guys. Thanks very much

  5. Harish says:

    O2 similicity contract is best. Make free calls and really a great thing.
    Life is easy and simple.
    Great product and package

  6. zully says:

    Hey great offer on 02… loving the services… nice1… thank you very much… excelent services… thanks again

  7. Mudassar says:

    Hi EveryOne

    I have O2 pay monthly with cross network minutes, This is a great package, I was given access No to call to Pakistan and lots other country. This service is excellent and I can call to my family any time I want.

    Thank you Siva and all his team,


  8. imran says:

    Wow 02 is ace free calls …. wohooo

  9. Sumair says:

    O2 you are rocking. Wonderful dashing service. Boom Boom Calling. Thanks for such a lovely service.

  10. dili says:

    Hi guys thanx for da access numbers on 02 fantastic very good service many thanxx again

  11. ifti says:

    I have O2 pay monthly with cross network minutes, This is a great offer, I was given access No to call to Pakistan . This service is excellent,Thanks for the hard work of your team.

  12. Ali says:

    O2 and T-Mobile are the way forward people!!!! I love o2 sim only contracts. The o2 simplicity plan is brilliant for making free international calls to pakisan. I love it.

  13. dino says:

    Thanks for the O2 number. I’m over the moon.
    Free international calls, I can’t stop talking nowdays and my family is thinking what has happend to me :-) )

  14. raheel chohan says:

    Thanks for the new access number on o2 contract, its working perfectly and all the calls are included in my inclusive minutes. Please keep this fantastic service going. A big thank u for always replying to my e-mails. Thanks man.

  15. Shafi Deen says:

    i would like to say thanks for giving me the new access number for o2. i really appreciate that u running that free service. once again thanks alot.

  16. sid says:

    hi bro this new o2 access number is great and call quality is very good

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