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O2 top up vouchers can be purchased in values of £10, £15 and £20. They are available in two ways. Previously one would have to go to the shop and purchase a plastic card with a silver scrach panel that shows the voucher number. However technology has evolved to give you the ablity to buy an o2 top up voucher directly from a shop without the need to scrach the card.

To use the o2 voucher codes you need to call the o2 top up phone line by dialing 4444 from your o2 mobile. Then you need to enter the voucher code and you will hear a message ” Top Up Successful” when you have completed the process. The o2 voucher code has a 6 month lifespan so you had better talk quick or o2 will gobble up your money.

o2 top up voucher codes are now available online. All you need to do is to enter in your email address along with you o2 mobile number and after completing payment online you will get an an SMS text message with the voucher code.

There are even some dodgy websites that apparently offer free o2 vouchers codes. I have no idea if this is possible. I guess a voucher is a random code of numbers, so if the correct set of numbers are entered then you will hear Top Up Successfull message. How cool would that be :) lol

Online Top Ups is a simple site to use. Just select the mobile network for the mobile phone you want the credit to be linked to. Then you choose the value of the voucher. You can can pay by paypal or by debit or credit card. When payment is processed you will get an SMS with your voucher code. O2 have a great offer sometimes – kind of like Christmas, just dial 2211 from from your o2 mobile and you can see what extra o2 gifts they are offering to pay as you go customers.

O2 offer a customer loyality reward scheme. All you need to do to join is to text REWARD to 5O2O2 and O2 will send a confirmation text. Basicially if you top up with £30 over a period of 3 months they will give you 10% of the value back of free calls which in this case will be £3.

Finally o2 have the bolt-ons on the pay as you go packages as well as the pay monthly deals.
These are two bolt-ons that are on offer

Your Family Bolt-on
And you get unlimited calls and texts between 5 O2 people for £7.50 a month. This is a fantastic deal from o2 if you have family members you like and talk a lot with.

International Bolt-Ons
This on the other hand isnt a great deal. You have to pay £4.99 as a one off payment and then you get to pay 7 pence per minute to call India. Well this is free international calls webiste so are pleased to offer o2 international friends and family calls – certainly much cheaper that 7 pence per min

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