O2 International Traveller Service

O2 international traveller service is provided by O2 mobile. It is great international call service if you travel abroad frequently or even if you are on a short holiday as this could save you 80% on your calls abroad. You will get charged high prices when calling back to the UK and when you receive calls when abroad. If keeping in touch with friends, family and colleagues is a must, then this is the package for you. Dont even think about taking a plane without looking at this deal.

In recent years the international roaming mobile charge have been in the headlines with the EU instructing mobile companies to reduce prices for texting when customers travel away from their home country.

Before you go abroad you will need to check you mobile is able to receive a signal when you are in a different country. Most mobile phones are now tri-band or quad-band. The best advice is to give your mobile phone provider a ring and find out. Roaming abroad costs to receive a call can be upwards of a £1 a minute which is a joke.

So how do you get this o2 international calling service? Well if you have an o2 pay monthly contact on a 600 minutes plan or above then you can get this as part of your existing price plan. Yes you are right, no extra charges for once. Otherwise it will cost you £2.00 per month for this service

Pay as you go customers will not be able to use this service. So it’s time to ditch the pay as you go deals and opt for a sim only contract. They are much better value and you can always tell o2 to get lost with 30 days’ notice so you have the best of both worlds. If you are thinking of switching network providers then read this post on number porting

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