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Since the advent of the telephone the world has been looking for cheaper ways to make international phone calls. Without the telephone man would still be in the dark ages. The need for reliable and cost effective international calling methods is fundamental to doing business and maintaining relationships across the world. Be it a farmer in sub Saharan Africa wanting to know the price of wheat from a broker or the lady who is manufacturing garments in Bangladesh and dealing with a distributor in China. Or your girl friend in Sri Lanka. How about if you loved one in serving in Iraq – you can get a military international calling cards and save money calling Iraq.

The international calling cards market has boomed since the 1980s when it was first sold in an Indian corner shop in East London. Nowadays you cannot go anywhere without seeing the hundreds of different calling cards at various grocery shops throughout the world. If you are in the depths of the Amazon Jungle or in the Slums of Rio you will surely be able to get a pre paid international calling card to make a call back home. Compared to dialling direct from a mobile phone you will save a lot of money by getting a calling card. Using the international calling card gives people the flexibility of being able to call at any time of the day without having to worry about any unexpected costs. The best international calling cards online portal is free international calls on mobiles.

There are many prepaid long distance cards so the best place to look for a international calling cards comparison website. Over the next few weeks we will be comparing the multitude of international calling card options that are available throughout the world.

They all generally operate the same way. You can either walk to the shop or buy the calling card online using a credit card. One you pay for the card you will get a PIN number and access number. Using the PIN number will enable you to make cheaper international phone calls as you will be routing over their telephone network. Upon dialling the access number you will hear a lady saying “ Please enter international number and press hash” At which point you will dial your international number e.g. 0091 for India. And then press hash. The phone will then ring you will be connected to the international destination.

The good news if you live in London is that you can actually call over 100 countries using your cross network minutes. There are no hidden charges. There will be no need to look for free international calling cards any more. :)

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