Cheap International Calling Cards

On the Internet there are hundreds of websites adversing International Calling Cards Online. The number one listing on google for cheap international calling cards is…. but are they any good. Lets take a look at their rates and compare it to our cross network international calls

The International Calling Cards Savers card costs a massive £50 but it gives you a rate of 2 pence per minute to call Pakistan. That is a pretty good deal. So how do they manage to get a headline rate of 2 pence per minute when it cost more that that to terminate a call in Pakistan? You have the option of call an 0800, 0845 or 0207 number. And that is the first catch to beware of. The rate of 2 pence per minute is only for call a land line 0207 number in London. If you don’t have free calls to landlines on your pay monthly contract then this will be an expensive way to call Pakistan.

Best International Calling Cards offer many great deals on calling India. The current rate of 0.5 pence per minute is by far the most cost-effective method of calling India. India is a fairly cheap place to terminate international calls. I am sure in time Google will give free calls to India just like it does cheap calls to usa and canada. Howver calling the other 001 numbers in the Caribbean world is quite expensive with rates starting at 10 pence per minute to Trinidad.

There are many International Phone Calling Cards websites that seem to offer fantastic deals but when you really take a look in detail you will find many gaping holes. The biggest hole is the connection charge. Many people get caught out by this. Whenever you make an international call using calling cards you may find that you lose more credit that you actually pay for. Even thought you didn’t get to speak to your friend or family that are living abroad you may be charged for attempting to call. Nowadays Telecom companies charged on a per second basis, so why is it that calling cards companies think they can get away with per minute charging?The third own goal is a monthly maintenance fee. Yes you guessed right. This means for each month you keep your calling card the value of credit will decrease substantially. So you had better be quick when you buy an calling card! And talk a lot :)

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