Free International Sim Cards on T Mobile

T Mobile have a great new offer for customers who want to make international calls. Get a FREE T Mobile Sim Card and top up with £10 each week and you will get £10 free credit to use that weekend on international calls or texts.

On the face of it, it seems to be a great offer from T Mobile but you are having to pay £10 each week and call people that you may not really want to talk to as much as you wish. So that would make it a whopping £40 a month if you wanted to stay in touch with family back home in Nigeria. And oh calls to Nigeria are not included in the T Mobile offer. And some news for T Mobile – Google Gmail offers totally free calls to USA /Canada Mobiles and Landlines. So when T mobile charge 5 pence per minute  somehow I dont think there will be any takers. One more point to note, does that mean you will not be able to use your £10 top up to call duing the weekdays and evening. If anyone can clarify from T Mobile please comment.

One thing to note about the T Mobile offer is that T Mobile reserve the right to close International Weekends at any time. T Mobile will give you reasonable notice if we decide to do this. Just like the o2 offer huh.

Sounds like a familiar tale for o2 international family and friends. However the o2 international friends and familydeal is a fantastic offer. For £5 a month you can actually call 1 international number in any of 100 countries. So if you lived in Nigeria this would be a fantastic offer. For £15 a month you can call 5 international friends from your o2 mobile.

A 1 Month sim only contract would be a better option as you can get a £15 a month deal that comes with 300 minutes. A better value deal is the £30 a month sim only contract. With this offer you get 1200 minutes that you can use to call over 100 countries including Nigeria.

THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION – if you want to get a contract – please email us :) From time to time you may receive emails regarding cheap international calls.- you can get a T Mobile sim only contract here

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