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O2 international friends and family has been rebranded as o2 international favourites and For an extra £10 per month you can call 3000 minutes to India Landlines and Mobiles. There are no catches.  Well nearly – you can only call 3 numbers :( however we have a better offer – read on :)

We can offer you more that the 3 international favourites and you can talk as much as you want with our offer.

There is no 3000 minutes fair usage policy like on o2 so you can talk all night to your girl friend in India without worrying about the clock. You can talk up to 7200 minutes per month using our access number

If you want more information on unlimited international calls just sign up with your email and mobile phone number below and receive all the information immediately.

From time to time you may receive emails regarding cheap international calls offer on o2.

Unfortunately using the o2 international favourtes there is no service for Pakistan or Bangladesh. If you do want to call Pakistan, Bangladesh and 100 countries from your o2 mobile get your free land line access number and details on how you can save money making free  international calls to 100 countries.

Cheap calls to India made free calls to India by o2 – well nearly – for an extra tenner its well worth it. 02 3000 minutes india is a great offer but…but should sign up with us instead :)

here is the small print from O2 regarding their o2 international offer. However if take up our offer you will get far better value.

* For £10 a month, you get 3000 minutes of landline calls to three international numbers*.
* For £20 a month, you get 3000 minutes of landline calls and another 200 minutes of mobile calls to five international numbers*.

More information: You get 3000 minutes a month to international landlines. And great news, calls to mobiles in Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, Puerto Rico, Singapore and the USA are also included in the 3000 minute allowance. Calls to mobiles in other supported countries are included in the 200 minutes allowance available on the £20 Bolt On. These calls are included in the International Favourites Bolt On, and you won’t be charged anything extra. You get another 3000 minutes of calls from your Call Me Number to your O2 mobile. Only certain countries are available. Terms apply.

If you like reading even more small print from o2 read on here 02.co.uk/ifterms


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