Ways to make free international calls from pc to mobile

Using Skype for iPhone, you can now make free international calls from pc to mobile. And if you both have an iPhone you can use Facetime and connect across the world for free and make international calls as long as you have Wifi. You can jailbreak your iPhone to enable you to make Facetime International calls over 3G but you will find that your 3G data usage will be curtailed as Facetime is bandwidth hungry.

To get started all you need to do is to connect your iPhone to iTunes and download the Skype for iPhone application. Once that is done you sign in and add your contacts. Here is some background on how technology has pushed the boundaries of staying in touch with loved ones.

Voice over Internet Protocol is the technology that has enabled the world to talk for free. In a decade the simple mobile phone will be obsolete and everyone will have a fully functional communication device that will allow them to talk to anyone in the world for free. Just like the Internet is free so will be international calls. There will be no more expensive international calling cards. No need to pay for absurdly high mobile roaming charges of T Mobile, Vodafone o2 and 3.

Through the use of VOIP a lot of people communicate for free. There are charges when calling mobiles and landlines but Google Talk for example give you free calls to any US and Canada mobile phone or landlines direct from your PC.

When it comes to software to make free international calls Skype is the standard bearer in the world of VOIP. Now that Skype is iPhone compatible it is one of the most useful apps in the appStore. You can make calls and chat online to anyone who is logged in on Skype.

The only downside is there is no video calling, but I am sure that will come very soon. The built in Facetime application is a awesome feature to the iPhone experience which makes up for the lack of video calling and you can use iphone facetime free international calls.

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