Cheap Calls to Philippines

Making calls to your family in Philippines from the UK can be an expensive affair. Now that VAT is set to rise in the new year rest assured that all the telecom companies will be increasing their call charges to Philippines to over this taxation caused by the Bankers.

There are many choices of telephone providers but are they any good. Lets take a look at some of the cheap calls to Philippines calling options.

For instance from the UK for 7 pence per minute you can make a call to Philippine Landline, but as I am heard from my customers, in the Philippines most if not all Filipinos have a mobile phone. Sun Mobile in Philippines is the cheaper mobile phone operator but their network coverage is apparently quite poor so there isnt are great take up.

Smart Communications and Global Telecom are the other major operators.

We have an great offer coming up in the New Year for people wanting to call Philippines. You will be able to make unlimited calls to Philippine Mobiles from your UK mobile. There were not be any hidden or extra costs. You will need to give details of your friends and family and you then you will be ready to call them. It will operate in a similar way to the 02 international friends and family promotion. Unlike O2 there is no minimum contract term and you will be able to cancel it at anytime that you wish.

And there is no need to worry, you friends and family in Philippines will not be getting charged for receiving calls on their mobiles so you an rest assured that you will be able to talk them freely and for as long as you want to.

Call Philippines for Free from the UK and enjoy talking much longer on UK mobiles

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