FaceTime International Calls

Using FaceTime for International calls means finally Free International Calls from Mobile to Mobile is here !

With iPhone 4 you can make free video to video calls to any iPhone4 in the world. As it works over Wifi there are NO costs associated with it. You can Jailbreak your iPhone so you can use it over 3G but due to the video usage your monthly data allowance will be quickly used up. So I suggest you stick to Wi-Fi and talk for free. You can finally Say No to calling cards and say goodbye to international call charges imposed by the mobile companies. wifi facetime on iphone 4 allows you to call any Iphone4.

FaceTime is very easy to use. All you need to do is click on their name of your address book, then choose the FaceTime button. It will then make the call over Wi-Fi and your friend on the other side of the world will get a request to respond to your FaceTime Call.

As soon as they respond you will see the other person on your phone. If you are already on the phone with them on a normal voice call, you can simply click on FaceTime and switch over to Video Call at the press of a button. Your voice call will be terminated and you can continue your chat over Wi-Fi for free.

The call and video quality is amazing. This has to be one of the best features of any smart phone out on the market. When technology allows for video calls to be streamed over 3G, that will be the end of the humble calling card! :)

One thing to note is that – each time you initiate a FaceTime call an SMS text message is sent to 447786205094. There seems to be a lot of forums on the internet regarding this problem with Facetime and International Calls so if anyone has any news please feel free to comment on this blog.

In order to use FaceTime, your iPhone needs to send an SMS to the Apple Server which has your iPhone details and your current location. So if for instance you are in the mountains in Afghanistan and have Wifi you will unfortunately not be able to use FaceTime as your phone may not be able to send an SMS message to Apple to make that call. You will get an error message FaceTime Failed 447786205094 is not available for FaceTime if you have no network/ signal SMS reception

And importantly each time a FaceTime call is connected, both the callers and receiver’s location will be stored on the Apple Database. This might be an expensive mistake by Apple.

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  1. Sandy says:

    Is Facetime free for international calls?

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