Cheap calls to Nigeria

From a Land line you can call Nigeria

Nigeria – Dial 0844 372 1085  – 5 pence per minute

Nigeria Mobile – Dial 0872 003 1669 – 10 pence per minute

√ You must have the bill payer’s permission before using our service
√ You are charged from the time of connection to our service
√ Please hang up after a short time if your call is engaged or unanswered
√ BT apply a 11.50 pence (inc VAT) Call-Set-Up Fee to each call
√ For customer services please call 0844 552 8575
√ Service provided by Onetel Telecommunications Ltd

Lagos, the former capital of Nigeria, is one of the most populous city in West Africa.  The Internet has meant that every Nigerian is on the computer 24/7 looking to do business. In the 21st Century he will want to call to friends and family overseas.Despite the fact that mobiles phones are in plentiful supply, calls to Nigeria can be very expensive from a land line.

There are many cheap international calling providers listed on the Internet, but are they any good. The best price to call Nigeria Land line would be 5 pence per minute from a UK mobile using an access number. Dialing direct from your T Mobile phone will cost you the earth, so don’t do it unless you are a rich Doctor working in the UK.

You can either call Nigeria from your land line or your mobile phone. Given that nearly half of the world’s population has a mobile phone it will certainly more convenient to call from a mobile rather than an old phone at home. There many ways to call Nigeria mobiles for free but you will need to locate websites which give you the right access number.

This is where Skype has come in. Using Skype it is very easy for families in Nigeria to stay in touch with one another across the world. Making cheap calls to Nigeria mobiles is simple using Skype. As long as you gave credit in your Skype account you can simply dial and talk to your wife without any worries of unexpected bills.

Calling Nigeria does not have to be expensive. There are websites that offer cheap international calls from mobile.

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