Unlimited India Calling

Unlimited India Calling is the best offer to call INDIA. With Unlimited International Calls you can make unlimited calls to India direct from your UK mobile phone by dialing a landline access number. Just as long as you have a unlimited landline calling plan you can get started right away and make calls immediately.

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For £10 per 30 Days you will be able to call India. There are no hidden or extra charges. With this package you will be able to call India land lines and mobiles with one UK landline access number that you use from your mobile phone. This is far better value than o2 international favourites where you can only call 3 international numbers and talk for 3000 minutes.

If you know someone who is interested in making unlimited india calls then tell them about www.07589.co.uk and help them to save some pennies. As a bonus you can call 33 other countries as well. These include USA, Canada, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Argentina, Poland, Russia and many more.

There is no service binding contract. All you need to do is to send a text message to top up for £10 and you will get the 0208 landline access number. To make a call you dial the 0208 land line access number and at the voice prompt dial 0091 etc. You will be connected within a few seconds and you can enjoy you call to India in peace without worrying about any extra charges.

Unlimited India Calling offers you a great new way to call your friends and family back home in India. If you are like us, you will find that calling cards are useless and not worth the money. There are many surcharges and extras that by the time you get around to making that call to India your card will have expired. How many times have you noticed that you minutes see to run out quickly when using a calling card? Well with Unlimited India Calling there is no need to clock watch and check how many minutes are left. Just dial to make Unlimited International Calls from your mobile.

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