There are countless websites on the Internet that advertise access numbers. However the only place to get access numbers that allow you to make international calls is this one. With you will get an access number to make cheap  international calls.

Sign up and receive a SMS text message and get a choice of access numbers. It is pain free and easy to do. Just fill in your name and correct email address along with your UK mobile number. You have a choice of O2 Orange Vodafone 3 Mobile and T Mobile in the UK.

Call access numbers and make cheaper international calls today. No need to use Telediscount access numbers. Just dial the access number and make your international call in seconds.

For those you cant wait to use access numbers you can send a text message TXT2TALK to 80556 and get a 0208 access number immediately. Cost of Text message will be £5 and you can use the £5 credit to make cheaper international calls. Do NOT dial direct from you mobile. That is the worst and most expensive way of making international calls. Cost from a mobile are very expensive. Often people get 100′s of pounds of unnecessary mobile phone charges when they dial direct. With o2 international favourites you can make 3000 minutes of international calls for an extra £10 per month.

That is great offer but we can give you more than 3 international numbers. As long as you don’t take the piss and call more than 50 different numbers you can call as many personal international numbers as you wish for your £10 unlimited international calls . With this service you can use it on any UK mobile network Orange o2 T Mobile 3 mobile and Vodafone.

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