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A LEGAL way to make FREE International Calls is here and there is nothing Orange O2 T Mobile and 3 Mobile can do :)

We are working with Desi Mobi selling these fantastic contracts that gives you free international calls using your inclusive minutes.

You can get a Sim Only 60 Day rolling contract from

Please buy and recommend One Price Mobile to your friends and family.

We are a based in Stevenage, Herts UK. You can certainly come and visit us. We have been providing cheap and free international calls information for over 3 years :)

There is a 1/2 price special offer running until 31/3/2011 where all the plans are available at 1/2 price for the 1st 3 months.

If you are clever you can opt for a Desi Mobi 30 plan on a 60 day notice contract and pay 15 per month and then hand in your notice to cancel it in April, there by you can pay £15 in April and £15 in May and call it a day. So for £45 you will get 900 * 3 = 2700 minutes to call Pakistan Mobile / Sri Lanka Mobile or any of the 42 Countries that are available.

This works out at 1.6 pence per minute to call Pakistan Mobile /Sri Lanka Mobile :) for 3 months usage at £15 per month on the Desi Mobi 30 Plan. How does that sound?

And when the price goes back up to the normal rate of £30 per month on the Desi Mobi = 900 minutes you are still getting a great deal as the effective price is 3.3 pence per minute. We obviously prefer that you stick with us :) so if you do go for a 12 month plan then you will get 10% more minutes for your money. For example on the Desi 30 Plan for 12 months you will get 990 minutes compared to 900 minutes. This is still far cheaper than using an Orange mobile or O2 mobile.

Desi Mobi Plans start at £10 for 100 mins for only 9 countries- but that is really not worth it. You are better off paying an extra 10 pounds and going for the £20 plan which gives you 500 minutes and free calls to 34 countries using your 500 minutes.

If go for the  £30 plan you get 42 Countries and 900 minutes. And the £40 plan gives you 1200 minutes and 49 Countries.

This is based on a 60 day rolling contract so you can cancel with 60 days notice.

When we say free – this means you can use your inclusive minutes to call UK Pakistan Sri Lanka Bangladesh India or any of the other countries that are available in your plan.

Desi Mobi are a UK based company providing a great new service for people who wish to make free calls to Pakistan India Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. With desi mobi you pay one price for any call.

For example, if you are on Orange Pay Monthly takes out a £20.62 1 month sim only contract, you will get 600 mins. And if had to call pakistan urgently on him mobile it would cost him 25 pence per minute to a Pakistan Mobile and 17 pence per minute to call Pakistan Landline. However most of you will get a calling card to call Pakistan as we all know that calling direct is a waste of money especially when you are giving it to Orange and O2.

So what you are acually paying on Orange is for 600 minutes to call UK landlines and UK mobiles. With Desi Mobi you are getting 500 mins which you can use to call UK landlines and UK mobiles as you world expect. But the advantage is you can use your 500 minutes to call Pakistan Sri Lanka etc at NO ADDITIONAL COST :) So in effect you are getting free international calls.

International destinations on Desi Mobi £ 20 plan for 500 minutes include the below. This means you can use your 500 minutes the way that you want to. You can choose to talk 100 minutes to your friends in UK, 100 minutes to Australia Landline, 250 minutes to Sri Lanka Landline, 50 minutes to Pakistan Mobile. It is your mobile so you choose who you want to speak to.

UK landline and UK mobile, Argentina Landline, Australia Landline, Belgium Landline, Brazil Landline, Bangladesh landline and Bangladesh mobile, Canada landline and Canada mobile,China landline and China mobile, Colombia Landline, Cyprus landline and Cyprus Mobile, Czech Republic Landline, Denmark Landline, Estonia Landline, Finland Landline, France Landline, Germany Landline, Greece Landline, Hong Kong Landline and Hong Kong mobile, Hungary Landline, Iceland Landline, India Landline and India Mobile, Ireland Landline, Italy Landline, Japan Landline, Malaysia landline and Malaysia Mobile, Mexico Landline,  Netherlands Landline, Norway Landline, Pakistan Landline and Pakistan Mobile, Poland Landline, Portugal Landline, Romania Landline, Russia Landline and Russia Mobile, Singapore Landline and Singapore Mobile, South Africa Landline, Spain Landline, Sri Lanka Landline and Sri Lanka Mobile, Sweden Landline and Sweden Mobile,Switzerland landline, Taiwan Landline, Thailand Landline, USA Landline and USA Mobile

This is the only LEGAL way to make FREE International calls from mobile. There is no need to worry about a big bill from Orange or o2 when you dial access numbers that have been excluded from your minutes and you have not been informed by Orange o2 T Mobile or 3 Mobile of this change. You can dial 0092 numbers 0094 numbers direct from your mobile to Pakistan and your minutes will reduce like a normal UK phone call.

Could not find the Pakistan prices for Orange pay monthly so here is the link to the Orange call abroad cheap sim.

I assume the Orange call abroad sim is cheaper but I am not going to phone Orange Customer Services and waste my minutes talking to them. Why dont they give calls to 150 as totally free like what Desi Mobi do?? Orange make plenty of money for sure from all of us. They quickly passed on the VAT increase on the 1st Jan. So their prices are 20.62 instead of a nice round £20 like Desi Mobi

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