Vectone Mobile 3000 minutes to india

With you can get up to 7200 minutes per month to call India Mobiles. :) You get to make 240 minutes of calls to India Land line and Mobiles every day for £10 per month

Vectone Mobile Plus have come up with some great calling deals. But is it worth it? Do you really get 3000 minutes on Vectone to India and is that to India mobiles as well?

Vectone Mobile Plus are promoting the biggest 1p deal around. But it does not say whether it is for landlines and mobiles. I suspect its for Landlines. And the offer is until 31/3/2011 so you had better be quick.

vectone mobile free calls to india offers you 3000 minutes to international landlines. vectone 3000 minutes to india give you 3000 minutes to call abroad sound like a great deal. However if you look at the vectone website closely you will see that calls to India landline are 1 pence per minute however calls to India mobiles are 3 pence per minute. So I am not sure if the biggest 1 p offer is that big. Most people in India will have a Mobile and not many will use a land line, so perhaps this is not that good an offer.

Go to for a better deal :)

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