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O2 International Favourites is the new bolt on from O2 Mobile that cuts the charges of making international calls from your mobile in the UK. You care give the choice of calling 3 international numbers in around 30 countries.

You can use o2 international favorites manage numbers facility online to change your preferred numbers. This is all done online and you can get an updated number in minutes.

If you are looking to make international phone calls then you should sign up below to get the best deal ever.

Using this service there is no need to manage numbers. You can simply dial any number in the list of 50 countries. There are no other associated charges or hassle. There is no need to use o2 international favourites change the numbers facility because you can call anyone in any of the 50 countries listed at at any time, and you get to talk up to 7200 minutes compared to 3000 minutes on the o2 favourites

It is really simple and easy to use. Just sign up with your email address and mobile number to get the full details now.

If you want to call India, USA, Canada and a list of 47 other countries this is the package for you. For only £10 per month you will get an 0208 access number do dial. When making an international call, never ever dial direct from your mobile phone, or you will get a nice fat expensive bill from o2 or Orange. Best take up this offer if you call India a lot. If you see a better deal, tell us about it :)

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