Will VoIP ever be used by Mobile Phone Operators

Technology is taking the world by storm, with everyone owning a mobile phone with internet capabilities. But are the mobile providers willing to incorporate mobile VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? Orange O2 Vodafone T Mobile and 3 Mobile are the big 5 mobile phone companies in the UK and they all have a stranglehold over the mobile phone market. Companies such as Desi Mobile have tried to break in to the international calling market by having a post contract sim only plan but have failed to survive. Now most mobile phone contracts are on a 2 year basis. This makes it nearly impossible for any new entrant to make an significant impact on the UK mobile phone market. Making cheap calls to India is easy with o2 international favourites. For £10 per month you can make up to 240 minutes of calls [per day to 50 countries including Australia Brazil India Malaysia Singapore USA and Canada

VoIP has had a great impact on businesses, helping them save money on their telephone bills. They have reduced costs for both business and home users, offering cheap international calls. Now it’s whether mobile companies are going to join in on this money saving effort. With over £20 billion revenue potential forecast by 2015, isn’t it strange that these mobile companies have not jumped on board.

£400 million was achieved in 2008 by mobile VoIP companies, which is an amazing amount of revenue. With the amount of people who now own mobile phones around the world, that figure can only increase if mobile companies would get on board with mobile VoIP.

Mobile contract customers are missing out on these cheap international calls because providers are not willing to take this new technology to the next level. Nearly 75% of ISP providers refuse their customers use of this new technology via their mobile phones.

With mobile providers being unwilling to utilise the mobile VoIP system, smart phone providers such as Apple have embraced it, allowing users to reduce telephone costs using either mobile broadband connections or Wi-Fi. Many smart phone users around the world are already benefiting from the VoIP experience.

15 years ago when internet connections were not stable and providing excellent voice quality through VoIP was a challenge, it was understandable that people were not keen on embracing the new technology. But now with our fast broadband connections and our technology exceeding expectations, there is no fear of the quality being compromised, which some mobile providers are still concerned about.

Mobile companies still argue that their GSM network is more reliable than VoIP, maybe it’s because their call income could drop once their customers start saving money on calls using VoIP. But this is not the case, as customers will still use the mobile internet connection to make calls.

By refusing to use this technology, mobile providers are limiting their customers to cheap calls. But their revenue will increase as people start using the mobile VoIP on a regular basis, thereby increasing revenue. Cheaper international calls were not an option when using your mobile phone, but with mobile VoIP it is a reality. Mobile providers will miss out in the next 5 years as this exciting mobile VoIP takes the mobile world by storm.

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