Vectone Mobile Review

Vectone mobile have a greart offer going right one – 5 pence per minute to any network along with 10 MB free internet and 3000 sms text message to any UK mobile network. Vectone run the dial daily access numbers and used the 07978 access numbers on O2 and orange before they got banned. These sim cards can be bought from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other supermarkets.

If you are looking to make international calls from mobile then you should look at their 1p international offer. On Vectone Mobile, you are able make calls to a large numbers of countries for just 1p a minute. You can also make calls to international mobiles as well. Just top up and talk to your friends and family. You can get your free Vectone Mobile sim from their website. Countries include Afganistan Bangaldesh Brazil Bulgaria Ghana Nigeria Mauritius Sri Lanka Pakistan India. However the small print says that the offer is valid until 30 June 2011. So what will the prices be on July 1?

The international call market is very competitive. With Skype providing free international calls from mobile using VoIP technology on smartphones, there will come a time when the mobile operators will have to cease charging such high rates when calling abroad. To make a call to India on an Orange Mobile costs you 20 pence per minute, but if you use Skype on Iphone it is free :)

If you are looking for a cheaper way to make international calls then take a look at the free landline access number

Vectone mobile 1p countries

Vectone mobile 1p countries

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