Orange Free international calls using Smart Wi-Fi

If you are an Orange customer and have an Android phone you can now make free international calls if you are in an Wi-Fi area. And the best news is Orange can’t do a thing about it. :)

A new Wi-Fi app from Kineto Wireless converts Wi-Fi hotspots into a 3G signal. This Smart Wi-Fi app works only onĀ  open-source mobile operating systems such as Android.

This also allows you to make free calls from any Wi-Fi access point which means free international calls from orange is possible even if Orange hate you making free calls. You can also use it abroad when travelling thus avoiding high roaming charges.

For those of you who dont have an Android phone and are not on orange you should check out unlimited international calls

The use of smartphones for surfing the Intenet is growing exponentially. As a result, if you are able to use Wi-fi to pass voice traffic this will improve coverage in out of reach areas.

Using Smart Wi-Fi, all mobile services including voice calls, data services , Internet browsing are routed over Wi-Fi access points. This means Orange can use existing Wi-Fi access points as extensions of their network. Instead of people just using Wifi for data services such as Facebook and Email, Smart Wi-Fi allows you to make international voice calls for free. This will result in better videoquality. Imagine if the Apple iPhone was able to harness this technology, FaceTime international calls will be available to the masses and it will be free to call and see your friends on your mobile.

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