O2 International Extras Review

Since O2 international favourites has been such as success for the Indian and Polish community, O2 have come out with a new offering called O2 International Extras to call Landlines and Mobiles in Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, Iraq or Bulgaria. To celebrate the launch of this new service, O2 are doubling the minutes until the 3rd of July 2011. So to call Pakistan you would need to top up and then dial 0203 505 0202 – You will be effectively paying 2.5 pence per minute which is a great rate in anyones world.

It will be available to all O2 contract and pay as you go customers. All you need to do is to send a text to 80282. You can either go for the £5 or £10 topup. The minutes will vary from country to country.

Pakistan for example if you top up by 5 pounds you will get 100 minutes, and if you top up by £10 you will get 210 minutes.

Sri Lanka £5 will get you 50 minutes and £10 gets you 120 minutes. For Bangladesh it is 125 minutes and 260 minutes, Nigeria is 60 minutes and 130 minutes, Iraq you will get 40 minutes and 100 minutes, Ghana gets you 25 minutes and 55 minutes and Bulgaria gives you 15 minutes and 35 minutes on a £10 top up code.

When your minutes run out you can send another text to get another lot of minutes

If your country is not on this list then check out unlimited international calls and make 7200 minutes of calls to India, USA, Canada, India and 40 other countries as well.

The downside to o2 international extras is you can only have 1 country at a time, so if you have friends in Pakistan and Sri Lanka you will only be able to choose one country and call that one. The service lasts for 30 days so you had better make use of your minutes and call promptly. Once your minutes have finished you can choose to top up using a different keyword to get another set of minutes.

There is no limit of the number of numbers you can call for that particular country so that is a better offer than o2 international favourites as you are limited to 3 international numbers.

The minutes do NOT rollover so you had better talk quickly and finish your credit.

If you are on a pay as you go plan you will need to make sure you have enough credit before you send a text to 80282

Here is the detail in a table format for easy of use.

Country Text keyword Pay £ Minutes
Pakistan Pakistan5 5 100
Pakistan10 10 210
Sri Lanka SriLanka5 5 50
SriLanka10 10 120
Bangladesh Bangladesh5 5 125
Bangladesh10 10 260
Nigeria Nigeria5 5 60
Nigeria10 10 130
Iraq Iraq5 5 40
Iraq10 10 100
Ghana Ghana5 5 25
Ghana10 10 55
Bulgaria Bulgaria5 5 15
Bulgaria10 10 35
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