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Terms and Conditions

1. You must have Cross-Network Free Minutes with a UK pay-monthly contract mobile to enable you to make free international calls via your personal access number given to you.

2. We operate a fair usage policy with a maximum of 3,000 minutes per month per user.

3. We will disable any access numbers that are not used at least once in any 60 day period.

4. Free calls will cease to be free if you exhaust your Cross-Network Free Minutes.

5. You must make a 2 minute test call and check the bill yourself before continuing to use the service.

6. When you run of inclusive minutes you will be charged at whatever rate your mobile network charges you at. It is your responsibility to keep on checking your mobile bill constantly to ensure you are within the inclusive minutes. We will not be liable for any charges made on your bill. We stress the importance of you checking the bill everyday if you have to.

7. By signing up to and using this service you agree to receive marketing via SMS or other forms that the provider of this service may use from time to time. This may include but not be limited to providing new access numbers for your service or other related telecoms services.

8. At no point is the provider of this service liable for costs that may be incurred by you with your mobile service provider.

9. By using access numbers and using this service you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as stated above and anyone failing to do so, will be barred from this and any other service in future.

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