International Calls Country List


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Country Landline / Mobile
Albania Landline
Andorra Landline
Argentina Landline
Australia Landline
Austria Landline
Austria Mobile
Bangladesh Landline & Mobile
Belgium Landline
Belgium Mobile
Bermuda Landline & Mobile
Brazil Landline
Brunei Landline & Mobile
Bulgaria Landline
Cambodia Landline & Mobile
Canada Landline & Mobile
China Landline & Mobile
Colombia Landline
Colombia Mobile
Costa Rica Landline & Mobile
Croatia Landline
Cyprus Landline
Cyprus Mobile
Czech Republic Landline
Denmark Landline
Estonia Landline
Finland Landline
France Landline
France Mobile
Germany Landline
Greece Landline
Greece Athens Landline
Guam Landline & Mobile
Hong Kong Landline & Mobile
Hungary Landline
Iceland Landline
India Landline & Mobile
Ireland Landline
Israel Landline
Israel Mobile
Italy Landline
Japan Landline
Kazakhstan Landline
Kazakhstan-Almaty Landline
Laos Landline & Mobile
Latvia Landline
Luxembourg Landline
Macao Landline & Mobile
Macedonia Landline
Malaysia Landline
Malaysia Mobile
Mexico Landline
Monaco Landline
Mongolia Mobile
Netherlands Landline
Pakistan Landline & Mobile
Paraguay Landline
Poland Landline
Portugal Landline
Puerto Rico Landline & Mobile
Republic Of Panama Landline
Romania Landline
Russia Landline
Russia Mobile
Russia Moscow Landline
Russia Moscow Suburb Landline
Russia Rostov On Don Landline
Rwanda Landline & Mobile
Serbia Landline
Singapore Landline & Mobile
Slovak Republic Landline
Slovenia Landline
South Africa Landline
South Korea Landline
South Korea Mobile
Spain Landline
Sweden Landline
Sweden Mobile
Switzerland Landline
Thailand Landline & Mobile
Turkey Landline & Mobile
United Kingdom and N. Ireland Landline
USA And Canada Landline & Mobile
Venezuela Landline & Mobile
Vietnam Landline & Mobile
Virgin Islands (US) Landline & Mobile

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4 comments on “International Calls Country List
  1. Rinkal says:

    Thank you very much its really helpful to call India and srilanka, it has reduced my phone bill… Thanks a lot for your help


  2. imran says:

    Thank you. I can call bangladesh free

  3. raheel chohan says:

    Thank you for the new access number, your access numbers are magic. I can call for free what else can i ask for…. Thank you so much

  4. Argentin says:

    Thank you for having this access i can call now my family in philippines without added charge to my bills, it really helped me a lot.

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